What We Do

All Kinds of Beers is a company with presence in The Netherlands and North Carolina.
Our goal is to bring quality craft beers from North Carolina and other Southern States to The Netherlands and
the rest of Europe.

Beer will be locally procured and shipped by All Kinds of Beers. We buy, consolidate, and
ship small batches from multiple brewers. The batches vary from 2 to 20 kegs and/or 2 to 20
boxes with bottles or cans. This is dependent on both demand and capacity of the brewer.

All Kinds of Beers does not make any demands concerning amounts or capacity.
The main goal is to ship a large variety of different kinds of beers from as many
North Carolina craft breweries as possible.

All Kinds of Beers has a network of bottle shops and craft beer bars in The Netherlands
and Belgium, and we have good relations with several premier craft brewers in The Netherlands.
These relationships allow us to facilitate brewers who are interested in collaborations.


All Breweries were passionately selected by our owners.

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